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FREETHOUGHT FOR Wednesday July 24, 2024:
The Bible God is real? Nope. The Bible is historically inaccurate, factually incorrect, inconsistent, and contradictory. It was put together by a bunch of men in antiquity, poorly translated, heavily altered, and is selectively interpreted. See: < >

If God created heaven and earth (Gen 1:1),
  Where was he when he did it?
  And where did he dwell before?

We defend our President . . . . . . . . with guns.
We defend our Congress  . . . . . . . . with guns.
We defend our Governors . . . . . . . . with guns.
We defend our Legislators . . . . . . . with guns.
We defend our Embassies . . . . . . . . with guns.
We defend our Police  . . . . . . . . . with guns.
We defend our Politicians . . . . . . . with guns.
We defend our (insert other entity) . . with guns.
We defend our children  . . . . . . . . with signs that read "GUN-FREE ZONE",
          and then we call someone with a gun when there is an emergency!

After Kansas adopted "Vermont-style carry", where a government "permission slip" is not required to exercise a Constitutional right, most CCH instructors in Kansas (including me) stopped offering CCH classes (and the KS Attorney General's office stopped updating its official "CCH INSTRUCTOR" list), but someone still occasionally contacts me inquiring about a class.  
HOWEVER, as of 2 July, 2024,

still offers occasional classes; call 785-238-0094-1 for more information.
FWIW, I receive NO remuneration for including the above information on this webpage.

OTHER GOOD STUFF (at least I think so!)

See what NOT to do with a power saw at

Back when I could see better, I loved teaching people how to shoot rifles and pistols, and you
can tour my shooting-instruction facilities at

Tour our July, 2008, outdoor garden at

See typical winter-snow pictures around our house at and

Tour our 2010 "hoop house" (a cheap greenhouse) garden at

Tour inside & outside our house at

NOTE:   If you're looking for things to steal/pawn, you won't find much:   we don't even own a TV or stereo; our main computer runs DOS and was built in 1995; my .22 rifle and pistol are safely locked away; our "silverware" and most of our clothes, dishes, and pots-n-pans are either "early matrimonial" (we've been married 59 years!-) or are from Goodwill, the Grand ol' Trunk, and/or other thrift stores; and anything we own that might have any value at all has been engraved for easy identification!   Sorry, but that's just our lifestyle.

A few pictures that can't be characterised other than "miscellaneous"

Our lower pasture is in an official "100-year floodplain" of Wildcat Creek.   You can see what it has looked like
six or seven times since we moved here in 1972 at
(note that 1972-thru-2023 is nowhere near 100 years!)

I haven't taken the time to annotate these, but Wildcat Creek, which bends in an "ell" around the above lower pasture, has been eroding the "outside" of the curve for years, and the landowner whose land was being transferred to our side of the creek (which, according to Kansas law, changed his land into our land!-) hired someone to rip-rap his bank.   Unfortunately, the rip-rapping company decided to physically drag some of our new land back to the other side of the creek (which, according to Kansas law, is not legal), and I just happened to be walking by (without my camera, unfortunately) while the backhoe was digging.   I made a quick complaint to the rip-rapping company office, and they then atoned for their "sin" by rip-rapping our side of the curve, too.

Read about my "neat" ARCHAEOLOGICAL FIND at

See some of the Highlights of My Life at
  • Read the fundamental documents which (should) have defined our federal and state governments over the
    years at Introduction.txt,     Declaration.txt,          ArticlesOfConfederation.txt,
                US constitution.txt, Amendments.txt, and KS constitution.txt.

    Other libertarian-oriented webpages I have found interesting:
        Bill Beaty's skeptical quotations at
        John Wayne on "America, Why I Love Her" at
    My email address is mcalhoun AT sdf DOT org (with the obvious substitutions for AT and DOT).   Unless I'm traveling, I usually read email several times a week -- but not necessarily every day (I am retired!-)   If you email me and don't hear back within a week, feel free to CALL me at 785-539-4448.
    Six boxes preserve our freedoms:  cash, soap, ballot, witness, jury, & cartridge
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    Amateur Radio Operator (WØPBV)
    Life Member of both the NRA and GOA

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