"100-Year" Flood

Looking west-southwest; the three little "tables" are part of the shooting range for my CCH (Concealed-Carry Handgun) classes.   The tree in the middle is above a 25-yard target stand, and for the trees on the left, keep reading.

Closer-up of target stand, somewhat damaged by the flood (perhaps hit by a floating log?)

Looking south toward my covered benchrest shooting shed; the water is about 4 feet deep out there in the middle of the "river".

Closer-up; the shooting bench is about ready to float downstream; note sandbags which are always stored hanging from the shed's cross-bracing!

Woodpiles on far side shortly before they washed downstream.

Looking east-southeast

Looking almost southeast; the big ripple just on the other side of the sparse treeline is caused by a 4-foot-high fence

Just-visible post of the above-mentioned fence

Looking almost east; black dot in center of neighbor's "river" is another fence post

Actually, there are several barely-visible fence posts

Same fence posts, but picture is taken from our east porch

Closer-up of same fence posts

Same fence posts again still closer

About three-fourths of a mile east/downstream of our place, a logjam underneath the Manhattan Avenue bridge causes the water to spread out before it can cross the road at a low spot.   Fortunately, there is another access road to "Hunter's Island" west/upstream of our place.
And that's the end of this tour.
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