In early 2009, my table saw and I had a mild disagreement... and, as might be expected, the power saw won the argument!-(

Two fingers & thumb on left hand, one finger on right hand.

Minor damage; could have done it with many tools.

Closeup top view left hand

Bottom view left hand

Closeup bottom view left index finger
After looking at pictures 4, 5, and 6, one of my kids said "Dad, your problem seems to be that someone stuck three thumbtacks in one of your fingers", so here
is an X-ray view of those "thumbtacks"
Top view of both hands.   While my left index finger is attached and can move (somewhat; see later pictures), it doesn't always "cooperate", and it got in the way of a board the other day while I was working on our greenhouse -- the red marks on it are blood blisters that, interestingly enough, developed in the "seam" where the saw cut through. And the scar on my right index finger is almost invisible.

Underside view of left thumb and index finger.   Although the overall shape of the index finger is not quite right, the scar on the thumb and the "seam" on the index finger are barely visible.

The tightest fist I can make with four fingers of my left hand while trying to keep the thumb out of the way so you can see the fingers. As you might guess, my index finger has trouble hitting keys on the bottom row of a keyboard, but my middle finger has learned to substitute!

Maximum "extension" of my left middle finger. Not that I would do it, of course, but if I tried to "flip the bird" at someone with my left hand, they might not recognize it!-)

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