A Winter Walk Around Our House

These are more pictures made for my sister in Florida.   This is a clockwise tour around the outside of our house (at 2001 Dunbar Road just outside the Manhattan, Kansas, city limits), where the left side of one picture is usually the right side of the next.   These pictures were taken by an amateur (me) using a $13 WalMart-special camera, so some of them are fuzzy or a bit over-exposed from bright sunlight.

Looking west past the porch/deck (see next picture) on the north end of our house.   The upper deck outside our second-floor bedroom is just visible.   The tower is part of my HAM-radio hobby.   The windmill is a hundred-year-old Aermotor and there is a wellpit beneath it, but there's also an electric pump in the wellpit, and the windmill's downrod isn't connected to anything.   In the background are pine trees we planted shortly after we moved out here in 1972.

Our front/north porch.   Of course, there's a porch swing, although it's barely visible in this picture.   The white sign beside the door says "Please make deliveries at the east door", and the vertical pipe is another of my ham-radio antennas masquerading as a flagpole.   The left end of this porch is just-barely visible on the right side on the next picture.

Our east/side porch "ells" with the front/north porch.   The brown object on a post in the left background is a heated birdbath, the trailer behind it is loaded with another ham-radio tower, and it looks like I should use that snow shovel just to the left of our east door!

A better view of the east door.   When we bought the house, there were three narrow windows where that picture window is, but I grew up with a picture window and always wanted one there, so one summer, after Nancy left to help at a week-long camp for handicapped kids, I ripped those old windows out, took a final measurement of the opening, and called a lumber yard where I had already made preliminary arrangements.   When the new window arrived six days later, the delivery guys lifted it up to the opening where I nailed it in place!   Nancy was really supprised when she drove in the next day!

The heater in the bottom part of that insulation is working hard to keep a hole in the ice in our birdbath (bird-water-er?)   The dining-room window on the left is just visible in the next picture.

Nancy's adult-size tricycle in the "parking lot" (or "general use area"?) beneath the bathroom window, our rear porch on the left, our garage in the background, and our poleshed 'way out beyond the basketball goal.   (I don't play basketball, but someone gave the goal to me about the time we were pouring the garage apron, so "Why not?"!

Our rear porch and the south end of our house, with the utility-room window on the left.   The glassy-looking stuff on the end of the house is a passive solar collector I built in the mid-70's, back when a tax credit covered 70% of its cost.   Looks like I should also use that black snow shovel hanging just to the right of the steps!   (I'm beginning to wonder how I got out of the house, since I haven't yet seen any footprints in any of these pictures!)

A sideways view of the back porch, with the bird water-er on the right, our closest neighbor's house in the background, and our "stone shed" on the left.   The "thing" hanging out of the upstair's window is a cover for a window fan (by choice, our house is not airconditioned during the summer), and the snow-covered "thing" below the utility-room window is the top of Nancy's "greenhouse" built into our basement's south egress window.

The stone shed, with the Aermotor windmill just visible in the background and lumber-storage left of the door.   This shed was my workroom until we built the 27x50' garage in 1993, but now it just stores "stuff".

And finally, a picture of our three closest neighbors (one in the big stone house, one in the little stone house, and one in the itty-bitty wood house between them) taken through the picture window mentioned earlier.
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