A Winter Walk Around Our House

This is a clockwise tour taken mostly through windows from the inside of our house.
I did NOT "smallenize" them, so use your browser's "zoom-out" feature (CTRL-hyphen keys?) to make them fit your screen.

Looking out the front/north door; Nigerian wood carvings on the right:

This shows some of our screened-in porch -- which isn't particularly useful during the winter!-(

Looking east through the living-room picture window; the CD's are a failed attempt to keep birds from commiting suicide by hitting the glass

Looking through the east door from closer to the glass.   I need to clear the sidewalk!

North bird feeder hanging over the driveway from a walnut tree:

South bird feeder hanging over the driveway from a very-knarled Chinaberry tree:

Gleaners under the south bird feeder:

The new picture window in our dining room; Nancy and breakfast are awaiting me:

Heated bird-waterer (this also-new window has screens, so looking through it is fuzzier):

Third bird feeder hanging under our 4-foot eaves.   There is a heated critter-waterer on the ground that you'll see later:

Looking out the back/south door; I'm sure glad I don't have to "do chores" any more!

Looking west through the "garden window".   A later from-the-outside picture shows how this window extends outside the house wall.

Don't those Jalapeno peppers, which ripened after they were brought in, look delicious?

I was surprised that the geranium petals flourished with the outside night-time temperatures getting 'way below freezing, but the "garden window" IS double-insulated!

Looking out the west door; the path through the windbreak leads to the blackberry/raspberry patch and hoophouse:

Our clothes line is rolled up for the winter (it took some work; a dirt(mud?)-dauber had built a BIG glob inside the clothesline
container which inhibited rolling, and I had to take it apart!)   When Nancy hangs out clothes, she just sets the clothes basket on the
ground, but I like to have it about waist high, so I leave a tomato-stake below the line; the red-rim is to make it more visible.

Since the ground is not totally snow-covered, you can tell that this and following pictures were taken a few days after the previous ones.
Garden window from the outside, and the left-most two windows are also new.

Gasp!   Look at that icicle!   This is something you definitely do not want to see in Florida!

North-east side of house; sometimes, snow on roofs can show heat-loss patterns, but I don't think this does.
The window directly beneath the "star" is also new.

South-east side of house; the green bowl on the ground in the lower left is the heated critter-water bowl.

South end of house and end of this tour.

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