Some Highlights of my life (and some ordinary dates)

     June 1956  Won Florida State 4-H Club Public-Speaking Contest
Graduated 1959  Valedictorian and National Merit Scholarship Finalist
September 1960  Met Nancy Borland, my (future) wife, in Calculus class
      May 1961  Summa Cum Laude Graceland College (78 hours in 4 semesters!)
    BS EE 1963  Graduated Summa Cum Laude from University of Kansas
    MS EE 1964  Colorado State University (on an NSF Scholarship)
  Married 1964  Nancy Jane Borland; "Until death do us part"
               "Give me your hand to hold in mine and I will give you my heart."
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   PhD EE 1967  Arizona State University (on a three-year NASA Fellowship)
      May 1968  Omner, my 1st son, was born in Stanford, CA, hospital
 November 1970  Aaron, my 2nd son, was born in Stanford, CA, hospital
     Fall 1986  Fulbright Professor at University of Benin, Nigeria, Africa
  January 1997  Retired (and I'm still loving every minute of it!)
    April 1997  Started driving schoolbus (mornings-only; kids are asleep then!)
     Fall 2001  Visiting Professor at Graceland University (my 1st Alma Mater!)

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Six boxes preserve our freedoms:  cash, soap, ballot, witness, jury, & cartridge
Barbershop Tenor and Life member of SPPBSQSUS
Amateur Radio Operator (WØPBV)
Life Member of both the NRA and GOA

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