KS CCH (Concealed-Carry Handgun) Information


As a CCH licensee, you need to know the current law, not just what it was when you took
your training.   Here is a link to a SUMMARY of recent changes to the Kansas Personal
and Family Protection Act (a.k.a. PFPA) that took effect 1 July 2014, and here is a link
to a Kansas' Senator's "take" on the intent and content of those changes.

You might also want to read the KSAG's summary of the 2013 legislative changes here.
Kansans have a "shall-issue" right to carry a concealed handgun!
If you are thinking about taking a CCH course, you can:
  1. Read why YOU should have a CCH license,
     read  Kansas' "your home is your castle - no duty to retreat" law, and
     read  this Wikipedia article about such laws.

  2. Read the KSAG's Concealed-Carry Handgun Law brochure and
     read  his Information for Active-Duty Military Personnel.

    If you are relatively new to shooting (maybe your significant-other just gave you a new pistol?),
    or if you are afraid you might not be able to meet the CCH shooting-qualification requirements
    of 18 "hits" on a target which is a little larger than the average picnic paper plate after shooting:
            5 shots one-hand at  3 yards,
          10 shots two-hand at  7 yards, and
          10 shots two-hand at 10 yards,
    then take some paper plates to a shooting range and practice!   If you can make the required
    hits on a paper plate, you should be able to do the same on the even-bigger approved target!
            (I use the TQ-15 target; the KSAG has also approved the IALEFI-Q target.)
    OR you can take my FIRST Steps Pistol course before taking your CCH training.

  3. Read the KSAG's list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ; Aug 2011).

  4. Read the OBJECTIVES and the SAFETY RULES for the Kansas CCH Course.

    According to the KSAG's March, 2014, CCH statistics, 87,909 Trainees have been certified
    by 794 Instructors, for an average of almost 111 Trainees per Instructor, but I have already
    certified 293!   If you are considering taking MY CCH course, you should:

  5. Learn how I SCHEDULE classes and WHAT A CCH LICENSE COSTS, and
    learn about and see pictures of my PHYSICAL FACILITIES and SHOOTING RANGE.

  6. Read the OUTLINE of my CCH training manual and my WAIVER of LIABLILTY.

  7. Download and print the REQUIRED MATERIAL the KSAG says you must have in class.

  8. If, after reading all of the above, you would like to take one of my classes, complete
    this application form and "click" the "submit" button at the bottom of the form.
    This does not commit you to anything, but it does:
    NOTE:   Completing this application is the only way to join one of my CCH classes,
                    and if your spouse or friend(s) also want to take a class, either with you or
                    elsewhen, she/he/they need to submit separate/individual application(s).

  9. If you live too far from Manhattan to take one of my classes, this KSAG Certified-Instructor Directory
    gives the contact information for other Kansas CCH instructors.
  10. Take these final steps after you have completed a training course and have received your
    "Certificate of Completion".

  11. To see what has been called "the most effective" concealed-carry holster,
    visit www.smartcarry.com and www.thunderwear.com/holsters.   Click on "Photos" on
    the SmartCarry website to see more (and better -- and non-pornograhpic!-) pictures.

    So far as I can tell, they both sell the same patented "invisible holster" (for slightly-
    different prices), but a poster (BIDAH) to a www.xdtalk.com forum wrote
           "I have both, and have used them for quite a number of years.   I have
            to say that to me, the SmartCarry is better built and holds up better."
    Although they are tailor-made to fit specific handguns, I have carried a small .38 Special
    revolver, a Walther PPK/S semi-automatic pistol (James Bond's favorite?), and a
    Jennings J22 (a.k.a. "Saturday Night Special") in mine.   (One at a time, of course!-)
    I know several people who own and like this holster very much.

  12. Read the Fort Riley regulations controlling "privately owned firearms, weapons,
    explosives, and ammunition" at FtRileyGunRegs.

  13. Read the fundamental documents which (should) have defined our federal and state governments over the
    years at Introduction.txt,     Declaration.txt,          ArticlesOfConfederatioin.txt,
                US constitution.txt, Amendments.txt, and KS constitution.txt.

  14. Visit Texas.wmv to watch a hilarious 24-second (1.15 MB) CCH-related video titled
    "How do you know you're shopping in Texas?"

  15. Visit http://negligentdischarge.com/ to learn the repercussions of shooting yourself (in the leg)
    and how long it can take to recover.   WARNING to the squeamish:   This story
    includes some ouch-that-hurts-to-look-at pictures, but very little blood shows.

  16. Visit BoyWithLOTSofGuns.wmv to watch a 42-second (1+ MB) video of a high-school
    boy removing TWELVE firearms (including a semi-auto shotgun and a pistol with a
    very-extended magazine) from his baggy clothing.

  17. You may think it strange that I, a very pro-gun person, would suggest this, but you and all of
    your friends, especially your anti-gun friends, should watch this (staged) 2.5-minute (5 MB)
    "ImForGunControl.wmv" video; you and they will probably NEVER forget it!

  18. Visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vkb2ZfFfTus to watch a 4+minute (11 MB) video of
    Todd Jarrett demonstrating four different FAST reloading techniques.

  19. Visit GunSlinger.wmv to watch a 36-second (3 MB) video of someone shooting a
    single-action revolver at a (short-term) firing rate of over 340 shots per minute!
    Then watch it a second time while concentrating on what his gloved left hand is doing!

  20. Visit DoNotDoThis.wmv to watch a (staged) 64-second (5 MB) video of someone responding
    to an attempted robbery by shooting the perpetrator in a NON-CCH-approved fashion.

  21. Visit InternetCafe.mp4 to watch a 59-second (3 MB) video of an old man foiling an attempted
    robbery at a Florida Internet Cafe in a NON-CCH-approved fashion (he continues shooting
    after the robbery is over, even shooting out the door toward the street).

  22. Watch the 52-second (3 MB) video to see how right-to-carry laws improved from 1986-2011.

  23. Visit BadAmmoThumb, to see what can happen if you use the wrong (or bad?) ammo
    in a revolver and/or if you hold a large revolver incorrectly.

  24. I understand the first Kansas CCH law was modeled on the Arizona CCW (Concealed Carry
    Weapon) law, and you can read what was -- before AZ adopted "Constitutional Carry"
    (see this Wikipedia article) -- the AZ Instructor's Training Manual and Version 15.1 of
    Michael P. Anthony's EXCELLENT "Legal Issues Relating to the Use of Deadly Force" here.

  25. To read still more about concealed carry, visit these OTHER CCH-RELATED WEBSITES.

If you still have questions about the CCH license, the licensing process, or anything else, just ask:
My email address is mcalhoun AT sdf DOT org (with obvious substitutions for AT and DOT).
Please include "CCH" in the subject line, and if you write and don't hear back from me within a
few days, feel free to CALL me at 785-539-4448 (Manhattan, KS).
Five boxes preserve our freedoms:  soap, ballot, witness, jury, and cartridge.
PhD EE - Barbershop Tenor - Amateur Radio Operator (W0PBV)
NRA "Lifer" & Certified Rifle, Pistol, and Home-Firearm-Safety Instructor
Certified Instructor for Kansas CCH (Concealed-Carry Handgun) license

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